About Natalie

Natalie met Dr. Peebles through a medium in 1997. She was immediately taken with his wisdom, loving nature and lighthearted humor. After consulting with him for many months in pursuit of her own answers, she was asked by Dr. Peebles to consider becoming a channel, bringing through messages from him and others.

"It is an absolute privilege and an honor to channel Dr. Peebles," Natalie says, "I feel blessed to bring his loving energy into the world. As I carry messages from the spirit side to my clients, I am able to be in the company of a beautiful spirit and wonderful universal energy. While Dr. Peebles is talking with them, he and I often converse with one another. I am virtually unaware of the conversation that has taken place between the client and Dr. Peebles."

Natalie does group sessions where many people have an opportunity to observe and consult with Dr. Peebles, private sessions by telephone or in person, and she serves as a medium for Dr. Peebles to conduct classes on a variety of subjects.

"A session with Dr. Peebles is nectar for the soul. Natalie Gianelli is without a doubt one of the purest, most powerful channels of spirit to grace the earth." -Misha Henckel, Life Coach and Transformational Speaker

"Natalie is the truest, most authentic channel I've ever experienced. You feel enormous love from the spirit, Dr. Peebles." -Sara Sherman, Ph.D.

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