Come have a chat with the good Dr. Peebles!

All regular group sessions are $30 per person unless otherwise noted. Feel free to bring your own recording device. Natalie also records the sessions and copies of the recordings are available as downloads for $5.

Most of the groups have open seating. Only a few have limited space, and for these, the RSVP #'s have been included. We hope to see you soon! Remain Blessed!

Group Sessions


Fridays, Feb. 10, 17, 24, 31

This is the easiest and fastest way to get a spiritual perspective on your concerns. Just send your question by e-mail. A PayPal Payment Request will be sent to you for the $30 fee. Within 24 hours, a digital recording of the session will be e-mailed to you at no additional charge. The wit and wisdom of Dr Peebles can be on its way to you while you work, sleep or play.

To see a video explaining this kind of group click below
The awesomeness of Email Group Sessions!

E-mail your question for Dr. Peebles to:
Please limit your question to one issue and to 50 words if possible.
Questions and payment must be received by midnight the day before the session.

JOY AND ABUNDANCE 101 - The Joy and Abundance 101 Lessons on Self-Love, Welcoming Abundance, Loving Your Healthy Body, and Loving and Being Loved by Others are available by digital download for just $99. To order the recordings, just send an e-mail to: We will send you a the files and a PayPal Payment request for the fee. Are you ready to take the steps needed to have the Joy and Abundance you desire in your life? E-mail Natalie today.

Natalie and Dr. Peebles want to be closer to you!

Natalie is open to doing group sessions in places that aren't currently being represented. If you know of a place in an area that you would like to have a monthly group session with Dr. Peebles, let us know. We want to make sure there is response in that area - and that the space can hold 15-20 people. Can't wait to see you soon!!