A session with Dr. Peebles is a spiritual counseling session. Dr. Peebles works with his spiritual guides, who he calls "The Band of Angels." He and they work with you and your spiritual guides to help you along your path.

Dr. Peebles works differently than a psychic does.
You might ask a psychic, "where and when and what" questions. Dr. Peebles believes that we are always creating our reality. So he will tell you how to get "there" and help you along your path to decide exactly "what" you want, and help you to surrender to the "when."

Dr. Peebles has a different accent than Natalie has, and he speaks in a different cadence. He often uses words or verbiage that Natalie would not use. He has a "catch phrase" that he uses during sessions, it is "God Bless You Indeed." You may hear it throughout the session. He uses it as a space holder, to assist Natalie during the trance process and also to raise the vibration in the room.

A session with Dr. Peebles starts out with Natalie taking about 30 seconds to go into trance. Then Dr. Peebles will come in and give an opening statement, and talk about what is going on in the world right now in his "State of the Universe" address. This is when he talks about what is happening on the planet and with people, and how all of us are working individually and collectively with Spirit. 

He then opens up the floor for your questions. Sometimes he will begin with information that your guides are giving him. There is always plenty of time to ask your specific questions. 

There is no such thing as an off limits or bad question. You can ask whatever is on your mind or heart! 
In most cases, the more specific your question is, the more specific your answer is. 

For instance, instead of asking, "Tell me about John." You might instead say, "John is my brother, he has been having a hard time lately with his marriage, how can I help?"

Dr. Peebles will never tell you something that you are not ready or willing to hear. He will not embarrass you, or bring up something you don't want to talk about. He works only with permission and always with love!

After the session is up, Dr. Peebles will close the session with a closing statement and Natalie will come back out of trance.

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There are three ways you can book a session with Dr. Peebles.

Private Sessions
If you would like to have Dr. Peebles all to yourself for an hour, you can! Private sessions are available, over the phone or in person. Your session includes a recorded copy of your conversation with Dr. Peebles.
Allow Dr. Peebles to gift you with insight and love while the two of you chat about whatever is on your heart and mind.
All sessions last up to 1 hour.
Phone sessions are $165
In person sessions at your home/office are $275

You may now make appointments for Private Individual Sessions online here.

Group Sessions 

These operate similarly to a private session, except people have an opportunity to ask one question a piece. Sometimes Dr. Peebles offers a second question to people, or he will bring Natalie out of a full trance and keep her in an altered state where she is still connected with him. Natalie can then take questions while she is consciously channeling him.

There is always a very beautiful energy with Group Sessions. Everyone who attends is meant to be there for a group reason as well as a personal reason. You will find that the answers to someone else's question will very frequently apply to your life in one way or another. You will have an opportunity to ask your question, but you will also receive guidance and insight from the questions and answers of others in the room.

Click here to find out the available schedule of group sessions

Private Group Sessions
You can also host your own Private Group Session at your home or business. Gather some friends and family together to spend some time with Dr. Peebles and the Band of Angels.
Private Group Sessions are $450 for 2 hours for a group of 4 to 12 people.

To book a Private Group Session, please email Natalie or call 866-744-4448